Welcome to the Burgáns family, where strong roots and close-knit community mean everything. Produced with the help of over forty wine-growing families, this Albariño is a labor of love. We hope you’ll find notes of fond memories in each sip – warm summer breezes, sand between toes, the promise of a new adventure. Consider this your passport to perfection. Salud!

Burgáns wine-growing families cultivate and carefully harvest each grape with the utmost gratitude and respect for the land beloved by our ancestors. In fact, this place is so special it’s rumored to have been blessed by an ancient god!


As a nod to the legend, we selected the triskelion for our label, a Celtic symbol common to our region that represents land, sea, evolution, growth, and balance – all elements you can taste when drinking this exceptional Albariño.

Each bottle starts with just the right amount of sun, soil, and sea.

Burgáns comes from the Salnés Valley, located on the Atlantic coast in the Northwest of Spain, where our grapes soak up plenty of sunshine in low vigor plots. Highly aromatic fruity notes like peach and mandarin citrus are enhanced during the vinification process, which includes controlled low-temperature fermentation.


With a straw-yellow hue and lemony highlights to boot, the result is a perfectly balanced flavor profile trifecta: rich, well-balanced, and oh so smooth

A medium high-intensity wine to transport you straight to the coast.
Rich yet mellow in the mouth, you’ll taste ripe, juicy fruit flavors in each glass and enjoy a rounded aftertaste that’s dry on the palate, fresh, and with a long, mineral-dominated finish. Pairs amazing with seafood, sushi, spicy foods, risotto, mild cheese…

Burgáns 91, 36633 Vilariño, Cambados, Pontevedra, Spain